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Why Homeschool Families Love ShillerLearning

Families love ShillerLearning


“My kids are excited and constantly testing us

with math questions!


- Johnny & Jessica, customers


Families love ShillerLearning

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Benefits of ShillerLearning

Montessori at Home

Montessori-based: Studies show kids learn better with a Montessori approach.

Homeschool Montessori Manipulatives

Beautiful, high-quality manipulatives: Can be used by several homeschool children.

Antoinette LaGrossa, homeschool coach

Unparalleled customer support at 888-556-6284: You are never alone; we've got you every step of the way.

Learning made for you

Personalized learning: Your children progress and get closure at their own pace.

One kit for all

One kit serves every child in the family: You'll save hundreds with free downloads of consumables.

Multisensory catchy songs

Multisensory with catchy songs: Children use all learning modalites to build a solid knowledge foundation.

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Parents, blogs, and magazines recognize ShillerLearning as one of the top, most effective, and most kid-loved math programs your hard-earned money can buy.

Money Back Guarantee 


See a grade level boost in your child’s math or language arts
skills in 30 days - guaranteed!


If your child is not transformed
into a more confident student within

30 days, send back the kit

and we’ll return your money.

Cathy Duffy Review
How to homeschool reward award

Cathy Duffy Homeschool Review

“This is truly a multi-sensory program.” - Cathy Duffy 



Homeschool Blog

We feel your pain...

Let us fix it

I’m too busy to do lesson

preparation for home education.


Our scripted lessons mean

ZERO lesson prep time.


“What?! No more hours watching

online videos on how to “present” the
Montessori materials to my kids?!

Just read what’s in quotes?!
YES! I could do this!” - Pam Collins

My kids complain

about math. (I do, too.)  


Multisensory lessons include

singing, dancing, and playing with proven,

Montessori-based manipulatives.


“Our math allergy has disappeared!

We can go at our own pace and enjoy
the game-like activities and the silly

songs that are building confidence in my
daughter (and me) that math isn’t so

tough after all!”- Choosy Homeschooler

I want Montessori because

I heard it’s amazing, but I
don’t know anything

about Montessori.


Montessori language, activities, and

philosophy are woven into the

curriculum. No experience required! 


“I did ping the local conventional and one

international Montessori homeschooling
newsgroup about ShillerLearning…

those that have use ShillerLearning
think it is a ‘God Send!’”

(Direct quote)”- Monica Gandara

I have four kids. My curriculum
cost is skyrocketing. I want
ShillerLearning but am afraid
I can’t afford it.


We’ve got you: One kit works for
ALL CHILDREN in the family. Your cost
will be less than $29/year/child.


“I’ve really appreciated being able to use
the same kit with multiple children,
it’s saved me time, stress, and
money!”- Emma Jones

I want to switch into
ShillerLearning but don’t
know where to start.


Our comprehensive diagnostic tests identify
every hole in your child’s math and language
arts knowledge and ability- and place them
exactly where they need to be.


“Things are going great since we switched out
math curriculum to ShillerLearning. Bryan has
struggled with math up until this time, but now it
seems to be one of his favorite subjects. I can’t
believe the change!” -Vicky Kapyran


Ok but I already have a bunch
of manipulatives and don’t want
to pay for what I don’t need.


Get our digital kits. They include all
lesson plans, songs, and printable
manipulatives. You’ll save big time.


“Thank you so much for adding the whole book downloads to ShillerLearning!

We have been using Shiller for about 3 1/2 years and LOVE the program.

Mom is even getting better at math. It
is such a time saver to download the whole book
and be done! It is truly the best program out
there and now the easiest too”- Jill Perrin