Your Students Will Excel with ShillerLearning

Using ShillerLearning in Your Classroom

Multisensory lessons help students reach their full potential.

Some students struggle to succeed with a traditional classroom approach. Other students gets bored and distracted in the classroom. Twenty years ago, ShillerLearning decided there had to be a better way. ShillerLearning helps you provide a supportive educational environment for children who struggle in traditional settings.


We offer robust curricula for pre-k through pre-algebra mathematics and pre-k through fourth-grade English language arts. Our scripted Montessori-based approach does not require Montessori training to use in the classroom and can be implemented with minimal lesson preparation.


ShillerLearning may also be used to supplement your core curriculum to remediate academic weakness.


Placing students is simple.

ShillerLearning comprehensive diagnostic testing makes it efficient and effective to place your student and create personalized math and language arts learning plans. We find and fill gaps from earlier in the knowledge foundation.


1. Administer the first test. Testing is found in student books and is available to in a PDF to print for the class. If the student answers everything correctly, "Good job! Let's try the next test."

2. Fill gaps. If a student answers even one question wrong, you have spotted a crucial gap in the knowledge foundation that we want to fill. Simply do the list of lessons listed next to that test question. Then move onto the next test and repeat the process.


3. Set you student up for success with multisensory lessons. Montessori introduces everything in the concrete using all four learning styles (visual, tactile, auditory, and kinesthetic). Each student moves through the curriculum at his or her own pace.


4. Utilize the tracking sheets to ensure mastery is occurring.


5. Enjoy your student's love of learning and problem-solving skills.

Our approach teaches students with all four learning styles:

When students try to learn a concept that is not being taught with their dominant learning style, they struggle. It is essential to use a multisensory approach that uses all four learning styles for EVERY concept.

 Each ShillerLearning kit includes a license to print student consumables for up to 30 students in a classroom. Additional manipulative packs and student books are available. Teacher training on classroom management is available. Call 888-556-6284 to discuss the package for your school.

See Inside Our Montessori-Based Kits


Proven Montessori-based curricula

- Works for all students

- Comprehensive diagnostic testing

- Personal lesson plan builder creates custom PDF lesson books for each student


How ShillerLearning Works?

Learn new concepts using Montessori's proven Three Period Lesson.

Use all the senses (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile) to deeply understand the concept.

Apply new knowledge with puzzles, games, and multi-sensory activities

Prescriptive tests pinpoint holes and the lessons to fix them.