What is ShillerLearning?

Our philosophy is that children aren't taught: they learn. And we are here to provide the finest possible learning tools for your children to reach their full potential. All you need to do, as the educator, is to provide the right learning environment. ShillerLearning - and your child - provide the rest.


Children who use our curricula gain advantages heretofore only available to wealthy families who can afford to pay $20K-$30K per year per child to attend a Montessori school.


ShillerLearning, part of the non-profit Rising Stars Foundation, provides Montessori-based math and language arts, the core knowledge areas that let young students flourish, as well as other multisensory resources to homeschool families with children of all abilities, ages 3-16.


With ShillerLearning, parents have the reassurance that they can provide a high-quality, robust education to their young ones without having to spend time on lesson preparation or investing thousands in curriculum. Scripted lessons, a multisensory, Montessori approach, and placement testing, ShillerLearning removes FUD and FOMO and provides a nurturing yet efficient solution.


We’ve changed the lives of thousands of families through our curricula. See what they say.



Larry Shiller

Founded in 2002 by Larry Shiller, a graduate of Harvard Business School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) with a degree in mathematics, ShillerLearning's goal is to help every child reach their full potential by providing the finest possible curriculum for use in the home.

ShillerLearning developed the curriculum with help from PCTE (Princeton Center for Teacher Education), a premier American Montessori Society teaching certification program, and experts in child learning and psychology.

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