ShillerLearning Supports Students with Special Needs

Multisensory lessons help students reach their full potential.

This is true of all students, but is crucial for children with special needs. Kids who don't learn via traditional schooling methods can have hard time with traditional approaches. Kids with ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and more are ignored by most curricula. Big publishing companies don't cater to our at-risk learners. Most homeschool textbooks follow their approach to learning. We often call this "school at home" instead of "homeschool." The problem is these methods don't teach in ways that kids crave and benefit from most.


Most curricula only teach with one or two learning styles. This is very hard for kids to get. They like to learn by doing - move around, touch things, dance to songs, work with manipulatives (fun, colorful objects), and draw pictures to learn. They learn with all their senses.

Traditional curricula forces them to learn lessons "the hard way" with...

- Worksheets

- Sitting still

- Memorizing

- Writing for every lesson


Slowly, this robs kids of the joy, happiness, and fun they could have while learning. Homeschooling becomes a chore instead of a treat.

Twenty years ago, ShillerLearning decided there had to be a better fit for families. We took the Montessori-based approach added our own twist.

Our approach teaches kids with all four learning styles:

If your child is trying to learn a concept that is not being taught with their dominant learning style, they are going to struggle. It is essential to use a multisensory approach that uses all four learning styles for EVERY concept.

In fact, our methods are so effective at teaching that we guarantee they'll LOVE learning. Once you try our {sample lessons} and follow the approach, you may not be able to tell the difference when they are playing... and when they are focused on new math or language arts lessons.

In the process we also removed the burden of lesson prep from parents. Our lessons save you hours each week by being scripted. Finding consistency in your homeschool is easy when you have a simple-to-do plan every day.

Here's how it works:

1. Open the book to the lesson. If your child already has some math or language arts knowledge, skip ahead to the first review test (the inside front cover of the book will show you where to find the tests in that book). If your child answers everything correctly, "Good job! Let's try the next test."

2. Leaving gaps sabotages tomorrow's success. If your child answers even one question wrong, you just spotted a crucial gap in the knowledge foundation that we want to fill. Simply do the list of lessons listed next to that test question. Then move onto the next test.


3. Have fun with multisensory lessons. Montessori introduces everything in the concrete using all four learning styles (visual, tactile, auditory, and kinesthetic). You may find that your child actually requests math - even when it's not a school day.


4. Utilize the tracking sheets to ensure mastery is occurring.


5. Enjoy your child's love of learning.


All you need to do is pick the right kit for your child's age and subject below. We have math and language arts covered. You can also use the diagnostic testing as an aid to determine which kit level is right for your homeschool family.

Take a look inside our kits to see what I mean. Remember my guarantee: they'll love learning in 30 days or your money back. All you have to lose is a few hours learning something the fun way.

See Inside Our Montessori-Based Kits


Proven Montessori-Based Curricula

- Designed for Homeschoolers

- Zero Lesson Preparation

- One Kit Serves Every Child in the Family

- Works for All Students

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How ShillerLearning Works?

Learn new concepts using Montessori's proven Three Period Lesson.

Use all the senses (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile) to deeply understand the concept.

Apply new knowledge with puzzles, games, and multi-sensory activities

Prescriptive tests pinpoint holes and the lessons to fix them.