Math II Tests and Answers



"Where should my child start? Math Kit I or Math Kit II? Will I have to do all the lessons in the kit (math books 4, 5, and 6)? Which ones can I safely skip?"

These questions are answered by taking the diagnostic tests for preK through 3rd graders.

Many parents who purchased ShillerMath started with these tests. Their children loved the approach and asked for more, which made the purchase decision risk-free.

Includes 12 tests + 12 answer keys.

Included in all Math Kit II variants - covers 4th grade through pre-algebra concepts.

Purchase price is fully refunded when purchasing K01-DL5-0406 or K02-DL5-0912 within 30 days of download.

A portion of your purchase may be tax-deductible as a donation to the Rising Stars Foundation. Share your receipt with your tax professional.