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Language Arts Kit A Diagnostic Tests and Answer Keys

Language Arts Kit A Diagnostic Tests and Answer Keys

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DTKLA6-8y: Language Arts Kit A Diagnostic Tests and Answer Keys 

"Where should my child start? Language Arts Kit A for 3-6-year-olds or Language Arts Kit B for 6-8 year-olds? Will I have to do all the lessons in Language Arts Kit A? Which lessons - or even books - can I safely skip?"

These questions are answered by taking the diagnostic tests for pre-k through 1st-graders.

Many parents who purchased ShillerLearning started with these tests. Their children loved the approach and asked for more, which made the purchase decision risk-free.

Includes 4 tests + 4 prescriptive answer keys.

Included in Language Arts Kit A and Language Arts Kit A Digital.

Purchase price is fully refunded when purchasing KLA-DL5-0306 or KLA-DL5-0406 within 30 days of download. Otherwise, due to the nature of downloadable content, returns are not accepted on digital items.

A portion of your purchase may be tax-deductible as a donation to the Rising Stars Foundation. The Rising Stars Foundation is an IRS-recognized non-profit 501(c)(3); EIN 26-0412156. Share your receipt with your tax professional.

This is used in pre-k or early elementary.

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Amy Pierce
A bit strange

Why are there questions citing one specific hippo story and asking kids about Shakespeare? These are very context specific questions and doesn't really assess what they have learned in general areas.

Hi Amy!

Those are topics covered in the curriculum. If the child answers those questions incorrectly, you are able to see the exact list of lessons the child would need. For additional assistance on this or any other question, you can reach a team member at 888-556-6284.