3-D Geo Shapes (set of 14)

3-D Geo Shapes (set of 14)


3-D Geo Shapes (set of 14)

Transparent, 3-D geometric shapes in bright colors offer a concrete way to explore geometry, volume, and other measurement concepts using water - with which most children naturally like to work (play). Simple yet sturdy removable bases relate 2-D shapes to 3-D solids by examining and comparing the removable bases.

See-thru, fillable, plastic shapes measure 3 cm or 6 cm and include removable filler caps for using with wet or dry filler.

Set includes large cube, small cube, large rectangle, small rectangle, pentagonal prism, large triangular prism, small triangular prism, square pyramid, triangular pyramid, large cylinder, small cylinder, cone, sphere, hemisphere. Geometry will be splendid! 

The activity guide includes formulas and intervention strategies for use as a supplemental material for any homeschool math program (3rd grade and up).

Included in Math Kit II. 
2 math lesson books and 5 activities use this item:
Math Book 5: 2 lessons
Math Book 6: 3 lessons

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This is used in elementary or middle school.