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A Beautiful, full-color Activity Pack with Photos, Printables, and step-by-step instructions. Simply gather the materials for each lesson and open & go! No other prep work required.


  • Montessori-Inspired Sensorial works for all ages (2-teen)


  • Activities include- Touch Tablets, Color Mixing & 5 Senses Nomenclature Cards


  • Teaches to all five senses using four learning styles: visual, tactile, auditory, and kinesthetic


  • Fantastic for kids with Learning Disabilities or Special Needs


  • Includes a FREE song download


  • Over 20 pages long


  • Can be adapted for use independently, the whole family together, by co-ops, or on Montessori shelves


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Multisensory activities are a key component to Montessori learning. Throughout a Montessori classroom, you will find works catered to all senses.


Children love to learn through their senses. By stimulating the senses, we activate different parts of the brain. This helps children cement concepts and love learning!

Sensorial works are also helpful for children to learn more about their bodies, how they work, and how they fit into the world.

You will find sensory activities in everything we do. These are some of our favorites!!