12 Winter Books For Kids

12 Winter Books For Kids

12 Winter Books For Kids in 12 Weeks

Nothing captures the joy of winter for me quite like a good book, a warm drink, my cozy couch, and snow falling. There’s something about this time that just begs for us to read more. Life slows down in the rhythm of winter. We give our bodies as much needed, and well-deserved break. This can be such a joy for families. Spending cold days snuggled up together under a blanket with a good read. There’s nothing quite as nice in the world.


Winter Books For Kids- 12 Books in 12 Weeks


This year, we’re happy to bring you a new reading tradition. “12 Winter Books for Kids in 12 Weeks”. It is our hope at ShillerLearning this season that you’ll grow to love reading together as a family on a new level. The benefits of reading aloud with children have been proven time and time again. Not only does reading aloud as a family build literacy, but it also offers much more.  


We’ve made a list of must-read books for families. Check them out, and let us know what your favorite reads are too! Pick out 12 to read this winter!

Our Top Winter Reads for Families


How to start reading together more as a family


I don’t know how many times I’ve heard mothers say something along the lines of, “I feel so guilty we don’t get more family reading time.” Life is busy. Kids are going a million different directions. It’s hard to keep up with. Pushing reading time to the back burner can be easy to do. Yet kids consistently say one of their favorite things is reading aloud books together as a family. We know how important and special this time can be for families. It also has incredible effects on building children’s literacy skills.


Take this year as an invitation to slow down. These are books you could incorporate into your homeschool. Or, enjoy them as fun free reads together as a family. Here are a few tips to make the most of your “12 Winter Books in 12 Weeks” experience.  

  • Schedule it- Ok, this might sound silly. Scheduling in reading time. It’s also the very best way to make sure something happens. If everyone is going in different directions most of the week, you’ve got to have a schedule. Plus, scheduling gives the whole family something to look forward to. Pick a consistent time each week and put it on the books.


  • Theme it- If you have time, create a theme around your book of the week. Children could create decorations as an art project. A special meal based on the book could be served, Everyone could get a gift of mittens when you read The Mitten. Creating a theme around the book helps to bring it alive even more. Plus it helps keep you committed to reading, and family, time.


  • Plan it- This goes along with the top two. If you’re scrambling to pick a book up from the library on your scheduled day, it may not happen. Pick all 12 books out now and decide on the order you want to read them. Get them placed on hold at the library, place your online order or head to the local used bookstore. A little pre-planning will make things flow much more smoothly.


  • Include it- Include friends, homeschool co-op members, neighbors, or extended family. You don’t have to have company every week. Try a couple weeks with company. Or head to a local senior care facility to read to the residents. They absolutely love having children around reading to them.  


  • Create it- Take learning and creativity to a new level. After finishing the book, do something creative with it! Make a mini-book retelling the story. Re-write it with a different ending or scene you would enjoy. Create a stop-motion video. Perform a mini-play. Record it as an audiobook with voices and side effects.  


Whatever you do enjoy it! These winter books for kids are sure to be loved by kids of all ages. You may just find you want to create a year-round tradition of literacy with a weekly family book night.

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