Math Kit II DIGITAL (G4-G8) Math Kit II DIGITAL (G4-G8)

Math Kit II DIGITAL (G4-G8)



K02-VIR-0912: Math Kit II Digital 

Nothing to ship! Everything is downloadable upon purchase.

Besides providing a stellar Montessori-based education for 4th grade through 8th grade including pre-algebra, Kit II Digital is also recommended to fill the holes in the math foundations of 13 -15 year olds without digging a money hole at the same time. Downloads* include Lesson Books 4, 5, and 6 (see inside Book 4) (see inside Book 5) (see inside Book 6); Answer Guides 4, 5, and 6 (see inside Answer Guide 4) (see inside Answer Guide 5) (see inside Answer Guide 6); all 25 Kit II songs (listen to sample song) (Lesson Books 4-6 song lyrics); Completed Worksheets; Review Test Scoresheets; and the downloadable printables for the decimal fraction chips, geo shape nets, Parent Guide and worksheets for Degreed Circle, Graph, and Table Division. Lesson Books 4-6 Concept Index

If you already have manipulatives or are on a budget but still want the full value of Montessori-based multi-sensorial lessons unique to ShillerLearning, Math Kit II Digital for 4th grade through pre-algebra is the perfect solution. Uses some additional common materials to be supplied by the educator. Due to the nature of downloadable content, returns are not accepted on digital items.

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This is used in elementary or middle school.