Math Kit II VIRTUAL (G4-G8)

Math Kit II VIRTUAL (G4-G8)



SAVE $32! K02-VIR-0912: Nothing to ship! Everything is downloadable upon purchase.

Besides providing a stellar Montessori-based education for 4th grade through 8th grade including pre-algebra, Kit II Virtual is also recommended to fill the holes in the math foundations of 13 -15 year olds without digging a money hole at the same time. Downloads* include Lesson Books 4, 5, and 6; Answer Guides 4, 5, and 6; all 25 Kit II songs; Completed Worksheets; Review Test Scoresheets; and the downloadable printables for the decimal fraction chips, geo shape nets, Parent Guide and worksheets for Degreed Circle, Graph, and Table Division.

If you already have manipulatives or are on a budget but still want the full value of Montessori-based multi-sensorial lessons unique to ShillerMath, Kit II Virtual for 4th grade through pre-algebra is the perfect solution. Uses some additional common materials to be supplied by the educator. 

A portion of your purchase may be tax-deductible as a donation to the Rising Stars Foundation. Share your receipt with your tax professional.