20+ Pages of Montessori Sensorial Sensory Activities for Kids

20+ Pages of Montessori Sensorial Sensory Activities for Kids

Montessori Sensorial - Sensory Activity

Sensory-based learning and multisensory education have become buzzwords in the last few years. As rates of ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism, and other learning disabilities rise, so does awareness of sensory stimulation in education. It’s worth noting, however, that a multisensory education is excellent for all children! Teaching to all the senses, especially with young children, is nothing new.


Sensory Activities for Kids With the Montessori Method


The Montessori Method has focused on sensory lessons since its creation. Known as “sensorial works”, the senses are engaged in even young kids. Dr. Montessori identified how much more effective learning becomes when sight, sound, taste, hearing, and touch are all involved. She began building her educational philosophy with children that would today be identified as learning disabled. Early on she discovered that as the senses we brought to life in all kids, the easier it became for them to learn. Kids also were more willing and excited to learn when their senses were involved.

Infants all the way through teens (heck even adults) can embrace concepts and develop a love of learning when all their senses get to take part! While it’s easy to find resources for preschoolers, finding sensory activities for kids, especially for older children has not been easy. Sensorial works are a key part of Montessori toddler and preschool programs. They remain incorporated throughout the older years too. Finding at-home resources has proven to be difficult for ShillerLearning families.


Sensorial Lessons for Children of All Ages & Abilities


We are happy to bring you our activity pack to help solve this missing part of Montessori homeschooling. Today we’re proudly introducing our Sensory Activity Pack! At over 20 pages long and designed for all ages, we’re thrilled to bring multisensory learning to your family in an easy and accessible way.

Here’s what you’ll love about this pack:


  • Wide age range- We’ve worked hard to select Montessori-inspired sensorial activities for all ages. The minimum age on the activity is simply that- a starting point. We’ve provided ways to expand the works for all ages, even teens! If a starting age is in the single digits and you’ve got a double-digit kid- still give it a chance. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


  • Involves kids heightened senses- Did you know children hear more sounds than adults? How about the fact that their eyes perceive different colors and brightness than ours? Their sense of touch is also much more acute than an adult’s is. And did you know their taste buds are being developed in a way that actually causes them to taste differently than we do. When your children state something is too spicy, too loud, too itchy, too bright, etc. it’s because it really is!! Their little bodies are developing and learning how to interact with the world around them. Everything is heightened. This is even more true for children with special needs. As we grow we lose touch with what that’s like for children. In this pack, we’ve made sure to involve all their senses in a gentle and delicate way. All the works can be adapted for the level your children are at.


  • Excellent for Special Needs, Learning Disabilities, and Typical Development- A multisensory education isn’t for one type of learner. If your child has learning disabilities or special needs, they can benefit from this pack! If your child doesn’t, they can benefit too! You know your child best, some works may push them to the limit of what they can tolerate. Particularly with works involving touch and taste. If you know your child struggles with a particular area, start slow. It’s ok if you don’t get through all the steps of a work at once. Perhaps you simply get through one bullet a day. Or perhaps you simply introduce the work and explain it a few days in a row before diving in. We offer this as a guide to help you curate your own journey. Take it at the pace that’s best for your child and family.
  • Expands Sensory Awareness for Parents- As we grow older, we become less in tune with our senses. It is our hope that by engaging in these activities with your children you’ll get back in touch with your senses too! These are all activities that can be enjoyed by adults. When combined with our listening pack, especially the sitting in silence activity from that pack, adults can grow their sensory awareness. Mindfulness is a practice we can all benefit from- and that the Montessori method encourages. Not only are you setting an example by engaging in these activities, but you’re also developing your brain too!


  • Includes a bonus song!- Everyone who downloads this pack will get a bonus of a downloadable song from ShillerLearning. Incorporating music into learning is a great way to help make it come alive!


  • Easy & Inexpensive- The materials needed for this pack should be mostly things you already have at home. You’ll need to purchase a handful of materials, should be under $15 for everything! Plus it’s all open and go. As long as you have your materials ready, there is no extra prep-work required. We even have the quinoa kit ready for you with the perfect amount of quinoa available. The activity pack itself is only $9.95, an amazing deal- similar packs sell for $20+!


It’s Not On Sale Forever, Grab It While You Can!


Make sure to download your 20+ page sensory activities for kids pack! You don’t want to miss out on these awesome Montessori Sensorial activities! We’re going to begin charging for these packs soon. Right now we want to get them into as many hands as possible for this low price.


Combine this activity pack with the right language art and math kits for your child’s level, plus our Around the World in 80 Activities Geography Pack and Grace & Courtesy Pack and you’ve got yourself an entire Montessori curriculum. It’s much more cost-effective than anything else on the market. Plus there are no other open & go Montessori materials on the market right now!


Grab your pack today and make sure to grab all your complementary resources. We can’t wait to hear how it helps benefit your student!


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